Make Windows 10 bootable USB media in Linux

The simplest way I could find to make a bootable USB Windows installation media from ISO file goes as follows:

  • plug in USB drive
  • check the drive device from journalctl
  • launch fdisk /dev/sdN
    • create a single partition of type type 7
    • mark partition as bootable
  • mkfs.ntfs -f /dev/sdN1
  • ms-sys -7 /dev/sdN1
  • mount -o loop <windows-10-image-iso> /mnt/loop
  • mount /dev/sdN1 /mnt/usb
  • cp -a /mnt/loop/* /mnt/usb/
  • umount /mnt/usb /mnt/loop
  • remove usb and try

That's it.

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