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Zimbra contacts and calendar with Sailfish OS / Jolla

Sailfish OS connectors

The standard CardDAV and CalDAV connectors in Sailfish OS cannot handle Zimhra redirect from the path in documents (/dav/username@domain/Contacts and /dav/username@domain/Calendar) so we must punch in the real address instead.

Zimbra paths

My configuration is using email address as username so the @domain part is included always in the path so I am not 100% sure if we need incude @domain in path. Let's presume we don't :) Please comment if I am wrong.

The real path to Contacts CardDAV and CalDAV is


Sailfish OS setup

This is straightforward

  • Add CalDAV and CardDAV account
  • Contacts path /service/dav/home/usename/Contacts/ (please comment if needs @domain)
  • Calendar path /service/dav/home/usename/Contacts/ (please comment if needs @domain)

And that's it!

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