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-==== How to install a virtual guest from console ==== 
-As simple as it gets. A quick reminder on how to install your virtual guest from Linux console. ​ 
-This yields a usable virtual guest with console access out of the box and skips all the GUI stuff not needed for server operation. You can later install them with  
-<​code>​yum groupinstall "​Server with GUI"</​code>​ 
-See "you grouplist"​ for more options. 
-Install your guest with following command but please take note of: 
-  * I am using block devices - check manuals for image file installation 
-  * I have a Centos7.0 variant - check for different types 
-  * I like to predefine mac addresses but you can make it randomize it by removing mac options 
-  * Replace name, device path, mac_addresses and install image location 
-virt-install \ 
---name my_virtual_guest \ 
---arch x86_64 --cpu host --ram 2048 \ 
---disk path=/​path/​to/​your_device,​io=native,​format=raw \ 
---vcpus 2 \ 
---os-type linux \ 
---os-variant centos7.0 \ 
---network bridge=br0,​mac=mac_address \ 
---network bridge=br1,​mac=mac_address \ 
---graphics none \ 
---console pty,​target_type=serial \ 
---location '/​path/​to/​installimage'​ \ 
---extra-args '​console=ttyS0,​115200n8 serial'​ 
-~~DISCUSSION|Leave a comment~~ 

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