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Libvirtd multiple server / host enable

Interweb is full of guides on how to make your libvirtd with a single server (no need to make another here) but nobody is just simply stating what to put to your configuration files to enable easy live migrating between servers. So this is a quick reminder on this.


This is just a yellow paper to remind what I want to put to my configuration files. For virtualization how-tos please use Google.

And do remember the requirements for live migrating such as centralized / replicated storage, compatible architectures etc.

Also make note that this is an unencrypted, as-simple-as-it-gets example which needs very strict firewalling and co-location to be safe.

Configuration files

Give identical credentials to auth.conf, enable and open identical ports and add server IP to all of the servers.






listen_addr = ""


All comments and corrections are welcome.

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