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-==== Sailfish OS 2.0.10 on Google Nexus 5 ==== 
-I've been using latest version of Sailfish OS [at the time of writing this] with my Google Nexus 5 phone. The version is 2.0.10, nicknamed Saimaa, a big "​thousand"​ lake system in southeastern / eastern Finland. 
-I've run this for couple of days now and I've yet to have a single glitch with it so it seems stable for daily use - probably because the CPU is of the same family? Just  more cores and juice in it. 
-The use experience is quite awesome: smooth, agile and fast. It multitasks and keeps on running the apps I launch even updates them in the mini windows on the task view! If this thing was put and optimized on an octa-core monster CPUs of today it would be the best thing a man can get. 
-Here is the short [[https://​​6RlGHImb56w|Youtube video]] I took from the OS. 

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