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Install WoeUSB to OpenSUSE Leap 42.3

Please check more guidance on the original website:

WoeUSB is the program to install Windows 10 ISO installation media to USB in Linux. I tried other ways but ended up reading Windows error messages in my screen and since this is not something I wish to invest my time in I wanted to use something that's already working.

WoeUSB is not included in OpenSUSE standard repositories but is available in some experimental / private repos. However there is no assurance if those repositories are kept up to date so better do it ourselves. It is a very simple procedure and I just spill it out below.

Install procedure

Open up terminal session and make sure you have git installed. Issue following commands:

zypper in automake autoconf libtool wxWidgets-devel
cd WoeUSB
autoreconf --force --install
sudo make install

And victory! You should have a working WoeUSB in your OpenSUSE.

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