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Install pinentry to Sailfish OS

Updated 25.11.2015: SailfishOS 2 support and more recent version of pinentry added. Tested with (Saimaa) (armv7hl).

Sailfish OS has GNUPG2 library which I like to utilize in file encryption since it is not mainstream and most likely phone thieves have hard time debugging my shell scripts :) I utilized GNUPG version 1 in my Nokia N9 and I assume the version 2 is capable of same tricks but I have not tried it yet since I got stuck in missing pinentry binary when generating keys to my mobile. So this tip comes fresh out of the oven.

I compiled a binary from pinentry sources to SailfishOS and which is the current update level in Sailfish OS at the time of writing. Look below how to install it:

  • grab the binary
  • unpack it: tar -xzf pinentry.tar.gz
  • place it to your place of liking, for example /home/nemo/bin
  • make a symbolic link: ln -s /home/nemo/bin/pinentry /usr/bin

Now feel free to generate keys with gpg2 –gen-key.

There is a version of pinentry available at but it did not work in my Sailfish OS 2 (Nexus 5). Please correct me if I am wrong.

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